Not So Basic Basics

Not So Basic Basics
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By: Erin Barr, Erin Edit Co-Founder

There are some things that I buy and I wear over and over either for a season or until they cannot be worn any more. When Erin and I pick products and are researching what we want to carry, we try to pick wardrobe staples that can endure the test of time and the test of me, because I’m hard on things. Here are some of my favorite no so basic pieces that you can find on! 

Disk Sandals

These are ah-mazing. I have been wearing the white and gold on constant rotation. The disks can be swapped out for a fun twist on these classics. I have wide feet and have had no problems getting these to fit and no issues swapping the disks









Kim Backpack in Muted Rose
I never get tired of looking at this bag. It’s that beautiful and eye-catching. The perfect shade of pink to compliment many basics in your wardrobe. You can also convert this into a cross-body bag. Perfect if you are at an event that doesn’t allow “backpacks”.

Seeing Stripes Tee
In the summer, I find that I can sometimes get away with more casual pieces at the office. This is cute with a pair of black skinny pants and flats. On the weekends it’s perfect with shorts or white jeans. Soft, matches everything, and holds up well when washed. Need I say more?

Cactus Fever Necklace
This delicate gold necklace is so cute. I prefer to layer necklaces and it works perfectly with other gold necklaces or as a single, dainty piece. It’s handmade in the U.S.A. by a small maker and we love their stuff. It holds up well and is unique.


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