Erin Edit Founder Feature: Part I

Erin Edit Founder Feature: Part I
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By: Erin Barr, Erin Edit Co-Founder 


Anyone who knows me, even a little bit, knows that shopping is my favorite past-time. I love to mix high/low pieces. It’s not uncommon to find me in a trendy and inexpensive top and jeans with a designer handbag and watch. There are so many great pieces out there that have a high-end look without breaking the bank.

That was a big reason that Erin and I wanted to start The Erin Edit. We both have a similar shopping philosophy and we know that resonates with a lot of our friends and followers. Everyone has so many choices when it comes to deciding how to spend their hard earned money and we want to ensure that they are getting quality, modern, and versatile pieces.

When I’m not working on The Erin Edit or shopping, I have a full-time career in Human Resources and am married and have two small dogs. My husband and I love to travel together and plan as many trips as we possibly can. I’m close with my family and have an unbelievably wonderful group of girlfriends who are all fabulous in their own right.


Some of my favorite pieces that we have on the site right now are the Weekend Vibes - Macrame Wall Hanging, the Druzy Bar Necklace, Darby Lariat, and the On the Edge/Seeing Double tops. It’s so tough for me to narrow it down because I love everything on the site!

I have the Weekend Vibes - Macrame Wall Hanging, in my own home and I love the look. It goes with the eclectic look that I’ve been trying to cultivate with my art. We have an upcoming collaboration with an artist and her pieces are going to look awesome with this wall hanging. I cannot wait! Stay tuned for more info on that.


Druzy Bar Necklace is just an awesome piece. It goes with everything. The geode look is really interesting to me and definitely on trend. 

It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for some sparkle and the Darby Lariat is such a beautiful piece. Since it’s 18K gold and hypoallergenic, I don’t have to worry about any breakouts on my skin and that’s a huge plus.

I’ve been living in my On the Edge Top this summer. It really dresses up a pair of shorts and looks great with white jeans. I was between a large and x-large, so it made it tough to pick. The X-Large was way more comfortable across my shoulders, but since I’m kind of short it was a little too long. The large fits really well in the body and does fit in the shoulders, just not as comfortable for me as the XL. This top washes really well and is a great transitional piece from fall to summer.

Happy Shopping! 

- Erin Barr

(Pictured Left to Right: Erin Edit Co-Founders, Erin Barr & Erin Loesing)

(Pictured Left to Right: Erin Edit Co-Founders, Erin Barr & Erin Loesing)


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